X-Ray table ALVO Serenada-C

Undisturbed 360° X-Ray radiotranslucency offered by the ALVO carbon fiber product selection meets the top requirements of cardiovascular and neurosurgical interventional suites…

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Prevention of Surgical Site Infections Through Innovative Scrub Sink Solution

Hand cleansing is the primary action to reduce health-care-associated infection and cross-transmission of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens. Patient-to-patient transmission of…

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Clinical Execution with ALVO Operating Tables

The most critical area of the patient body exposed to pressure ulcers during surgery is heels. A very limited volume of tissue creates a lot of pressure in this area. In the…

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The future belongs to infection-free healthcare

Healthcare authorities and medical equipment manufacturers continuously optimise processes to eliminate the risks of infection in healthcare facilities.

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Value-Based Medicine: Bariatric Operating Table

Surgical treatment of obesity in patients, whose weight exceeds 200 kg is a great challenge for surgical teams, but also for the equipment used during surgery. The ALVO Rapsodia…

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