UV-C light disinfecting robot ALVO® Ultra V-bot performs automated decontamination to facilitate and monitor hygiene plans in various settings. Are you ready for a change?

Public places, including hospitals often try to cut environmental hygiene costs as much as possible. Hospital managers would rather spend money on a new surgical device or software, than invest in the maintenance process automation or cleaning staff training. However, the costs of poor cleaning and disinfection can significantly affect hospital’s budget. Managers of healthcare facilities need to look beyond actual expenditures to long-term costs that may appear. On the long-run they might face:

  • direct medical costs related to longer hospital stays
  • patient readmissions due to Hospital-Associated Infections
  • opportunity costs, such as hospital staff time, or 
  • missed surgical revenue, as a result of increased turnaround time in an operating theater.

Prevention is less expensive than a cure. 

Costs associated with antimicrobial resistance in HAI have increased significantly as well and are estimated to reach over €85 trillion ($100 trillion) globally by 2050. This means that one relatively small infection outbreak with ca. 40 cases may cost a hospital over €1 million. [1]

Hospital-Associated Infections kill more people each year than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Over 50% of hospital-born babies deaths are related to infections as well. ALVO® Ultra V-bot significantly lowers the risk of preventable infections transmitted by contaminated surfaces. It’s time that hospitals stop cutting costs on hygiene. Qualified workforce and future-proof technology are an investment, not a cost! The goal is to save money in the long-term and improve patient safety. 

UV-C disinfection
ALVO® Ultra V-bot disinfection robot

UV-C disinfection – how it works?

Ultraviolet light has shown promising results in targeting specific microorganisms including the novel virus SARS-CoV-2. UV-C radiators emit light with a wavelength of 254 nm. Ultraviolet light penetrates the cell wall of microorganisms and damages their DNA. This way it eliminates colonies of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. 

ALVO Ultra® V-bot is equipped with sensors and a scanner which creates a virtual map of the scanned area. After the room has been mapped, the operator indicates the zones the robot should reach in order to perform decontamination. The technician activates the disinfection process remotely from a tablet (Wi-Fi communication), so he is never exposed to strong chemical disinfectants and ultraviolet light. 

ALVO® Ultra V-bot detects objects to avoid collision with any equipment it would meet on the way. Compared to manual robots, ALVO® Ultra V-bot performs a repeteable, precise procedure. Humans will always be prone to error, despite many trainings, but machines never skip any steps. The robot generates an electronic report after each process. It facilitates monitoring and documenting hygiene plans. UV-C light technology raises the bar on the standard of disinfection. 

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Product of ALVO Medical.

Technology partners: Wobit, Luxiona.

1. The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance Chaired by Jim O’Neill. Tackling Drug Resistant Infections Globally: Final Report and Recommendations. 2016.